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June 5-8 & June 12

3:00PM-3:45PM (GST)

Discover the Power of Learning A-Z:
Join Our 5-Day Online Demo Series!

Are you ready to unlock a world of educational possibilities for your students? As a follow-up to our Reading Competition and our recent Lunch and Learn event, CleverTech would like to invite you to an exclusive 5-day online demo series of Learning A-Z products that will revolutionize your teaching!

Learning A-Z is a comprehensive suite of educational resources designed to support teachers and engage students across various grade levels. Join us for this immersive online experience and discover the power of our products first-hand.

The 5-day online demo series, allows you to choose the product you wish to explore further from Learning A-Z. Register to the day(s) of your choice.


Elevate Reading Proficiency – Day 1 (June 5):

  • Dive into our levelled reading program with thousands of interactive eBooks and resources that promote reading fluency and comprehension skills.
  • Learn how to differentiate instruction, track student progress, and foster a love for reading.

Build Strong Literacy Foundations – Day 2 (June 6)

  • Experience our research-based early literacy program designed to help students develop essential phonological awareness and phonics skills.
  • See how Foundations A-Z supports systematic instruction, multisensory learning, and reading readiness.

Ignite Scientific Inquiry  – Day 3 (June 7)

  • Immerse yourself in our comprehensive science curriculum that offers hands-on experiments, informational texts, and engaging multimedia resources.
  • Discover how Science A-Z sparks curiosity, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of scientific concepts.

Cultivate Writing Skills –  Day 4 (June 8):

  • Explore our comprehensive writing program, offering lessons, interactive tools, and writing prompts across different genres and styles.
  • Learn how to scaffold writing instruction, provide feedback, and empower your students to become confident writers.

Enhance Word Knowledge – Day 5 (June 12)

  • Delve into our vocabulary program that develops word knowledge through engaging activities, games, and vocabulary-building resources.
  • Discover strategies to expand students’ vocabulary, improve comprehension, and boost academic success.

Each day’s demo session will last approximately 30 minutes, with an additional 15-minute Q & A at the end. Reserve your spot for the session that interests you and witness the impact Learning A-Z can have on your classroom!

Dates: June 5-8 & June 12
Time: 3PM (GST)
Duration: 45 minutes per day

To secure your spot, register for the day(s) of your choice and provide your contact information.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to explore the vast resources and instructional support that Learning A-Z offers. We are excited to share these innovative solutions with you and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your dedication to education. Let’s embark on this 5-day journey together to transform teaching and inspire student success!

You will receive the link one day prior to each demo session. Please check your spam/junk folder.

For more information please contact:

Marcel Eringa, Relationship Manager
M: +971 50185 1977

Yasmine Elbadrawy, Educational Consultant – Egypt Region
M: +20 01118880020

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