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Easy-to-use system designed for schools to monitor and analyze
data related to students, staff, parents and daily administration


Track learning and evaluation effectively

Learning assessment with multimedia:
Track teaching through a variety of mediums (photos, videos, text) to share with parents.

Access to student evaluation:
Have access to a portfolio of students’ learning that is continuously updated all year round.

Personalised learning standards:
Tailor the school’s learning checklist to meet the needs of your development framework and standardize the quality of education.


Easily extract various types of reports for data analytics

Monthly digital sheets:
A month’s worth of analytics consolidated into easy to read graphs, charts, and numerical data.

Individualized, media-rich reports:
View statistics on students, staff, and school administration.

Audit-ready reports:
Secure and organized digital records readily available for licensing and auditing.


Easy and fuss-free billing

Send fee reminders, generate instant invoices, and store receipts.

Fast and detailed fee breakdown for every transaction.

Adapted to your needs:
Send weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly invoices to manage your business the way you need.

Dashboard and Centre Log

Stay updated on school happenings

Comprehensive overview:
Monitor your school’s daily status on your dashboard.

Improved staff communication:
Notify each other internally on incidents throughout the day.

Stay connected to the ground:
Oversee staff movement and school happenings even when you are not physically in school.

Events and Bulletins

Integrated school calendar

Shared school calendar:
Update school-wide events to allow parents to sync to their phone calendar.

Virtual whiteboard:
Post notices on the school bulletin for parents and staff.

Little Check In

Paperless attendance-taking

Do a secure check-in and out for students and staff digitally.

  • Check in & out photos
  • Secure visitor check-in
  • Synced temperature-taking
  • Status tags and visual health check

School Management System

Centre Operations

Track learning and evaluation effectively.

  • Accessible and secure communication with parents
  • Manage Centre Operations on the go
  • Conveniently log learning activities and milestones

Little Family Room

Intuitive school communication platform

Your child’s daily routine, in detail.

  • Monitor health activities
  • Connected to parents app
  • Children’s personalised profile
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