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Matific is designed by educational experts to foster the teaching and learning of conceptual understanding for K-6 students. Immersing students in an engaging learning platform, Matific covers your mathematics curriculum and supports students to achieve mastery in a playful and thought-provoking manner.

Matific is available in over 50 countries, and over 40 languages. This means we cover the local curricula of over 50 countries. Any student can learn in any language, even if it is different from the one in which you teach. This makes Matific ideal for multilingual classes, because it is even possible for different students to be using different languages within the same class.


Episodes are interactive learning environments that facilitate learning by doing. Each episode encourages exploration and problem solving in a unique playful setting. Episodes are designed for student self-study. Alternatively, teacher tips and guides are used to support students to learn with understanding.

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Matific provides numerous adaptive worksheets that surpass traditional math-drill sheets. Matific’s E-Sheets are adaptive and interactive to develop an increasingly sophisticated capacity for logical thought and actions. E-Sheets are printable and used at differentiated learning stations, in group discussions, for homework and are ideal for situations with limited internet access.

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Word Problems

Matific’s Word Problems develop your students’ ability to apply their growing mathematics mastery to real-world situations. These rich tasks elevate students’ level of critical thinking, and allow teachers to accurately evaluate each students’ understanding. Matific challenges students to formulate, model and examine numerous approaches to problem solving, resulting in applying strategies to seek solutions and to verify their answers.

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Matific Workshops are interactive labs that help teachers and students explore mathematical concepts and techniques. With multiple correct answers, Matific’s Workshops encourage free exploration and self-paced discovery. Effective application of Matific’s Workshops include utilizing Interactive White Boards (IWB), deep meaningful discussions and allows for full-class reflections.

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The Matific Learning Sequence

Student coursework is automatically assigned based on a combination of data-driven information and sophisticated, adaptive technologies. Alternatively, real-time embedded reporting allows teachers to monitor student progress and to manually assign coursework for students requiring intervention or enrichment. This creates differentiated learning pathways allowing students to progress at their own pace, engage with their unique sequence of interactive activities, and accelerate towards mathematics mastery.

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